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Week # 1
Introduction to the foodservice industry. Sanitation,
Safety, Nutrition, and Equiptment Identification. A. Major Historical Influences B. Restaurant History and Evolution C. The Brigade System D. Food-Borne Illness E. Cross Contamination F. Safety G. The Basics of Nutrition H. Hand Tools I. Pots, Pans, Molds J. Large Equipment

Week # 2
Nutrition and Nutritional Cooking
A. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Oils
B. Dietary Goals
C. Purchasing, Preparation
D. Analyzing Recipies
E. Healthy Substitutes
F. Making Nutritional Cooking Work

Week # 3
Mise en Place
A. Knife Skills
B. Basic Cuts
C. Basic Aromatic and Flavoring Combinations
D. Getting to Know Your Kitchen
E. Proper Kitchen Conduct
F. Liasons

Week # 4
Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Dressings
A. Basic Preparation Method
B. A Stocks Charecteristics
C. Kinds of Soups
D. Categories and Uses
E. Regular, Low-Fat, and Fat Free Dressings

Week # 5
Cooking Methods for Meat, Poultry, and Fish
A. Dry Heat Cooking without Fats or Oils
B. Grilling and Roasting
C. Dry Heat with Fats and Oils
D. Sauteing
E. Stir-Frying
F. Moist Heat Cooking
G. Combination Cooking Methods

Week # 6 
Cooking Methods For Potatos, Vegetables, Grains, 
Legumes, Pasta and Dumplings
A. Steaming
B. Boiling
C. Stewing and Braising
D. Potatoe Varieties
E. Charecteristics of Grains and Legumes
F. Basics to Pasta

Week# 7
Hors'd Oeuveres, Appetizers and Salads
A. Criteria
B. Hot or Cold
C. Finger Foods
D. Presentations
E. Types of Greens
F. Extras in Salads

Week# 8
Desert Sauces, Creams, and Frozen and Fruit Deserts
A. Desert Sauces
B. Creams
C. Frozen Deserts
D. Fruit Deserts



Aside from the material covered in the outline the class will offer an indepth look at how individuals with disabilities can still function safely and effectively in the modern day kitchen. We will also discuss topics such as menu development, plate presentation, seasonal availability of produce, basic kitchen ratios and conversions.