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Professor Eric A. Roy, PhD., the Centre for 
Habilition Education and Research writes in his paper
on The Anatomy of a Head Injury that
"Injuries involving some type of blow to the head are
among the most common in our society. Some 700,000 people in North America suffer traumatic head injuries each year, and between 70,000 and 90,000 are left permanently disabled. Head injuries can range from relatively minor damage to
the scalp and face such as lacerations, abrasions and
bruising to more serious consequences involving damage
to the brain. While traumatic brain injury occurs much less frequently, it is important to know how it is identified and what to do for the person. I've often asked myself "how can I inspire people who may be in the same situation as myself?" My only thoughts were to lead by example. I have been blessed with the desire to want to recover. I am not disabled. I am physically different than my fellows but there is nothing, absolutly nothing, that I cannot do. With that in mind I will go to any extreme to help someone in my same situation. My adaptive cooking class is but a part of the whole picture. Our hopes are, in the near future, with help from corporate sponsors and private sector donations to build an adaptive cooking school in Orange County. This will allow us to host adaptive cooking demonstrations and classes which will then be broadcast on the internet, allowing the Foundation's work to be anywhere and everywhere. If you have the desire to help us in our journey please send a tax deductable donation to: The Integrity House c/o The Munchoff Foundation 2416 Naples Newport Beach, CA 92660 to visit their web site where we teach adaptive cooking go to: